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Organic Wild Blue Mountain * - full/medium body

Coffee from Papua New Guinea comes from the eastern part of the second largest island in the world (located north of the Eastern Australia), from Papua New Guinea, where cultivation began in 1927 with seeds of the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee (Arabica Blue Mountain variety), which from the then British colony of Jamaica were smuggled out to the annoyance of the colonial power.
Vee's "Organic Wild Blue Mountain" is a wild, original coffee from strictly controlled organic cultivation. It grows in the Highlands of Morobe under ideal climatic conditions on weathered, volcanic, facing the sea, very nutritious soil at elevations of 1,100 to 1,800 meters. The "wild" Blue Mountain coffee from Papua New Guinea is according to many experts of one of the best coffee in the world, and because of the better climatic conditions and ever greater height was complex and aromatic than Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. And it is affordable.
Coffee from Papua New Guinea combines vivid fruity aroma and fine freshness of Latin American coffee (Costa Rica, Galapagos, Guatemala) with the typical abundance and complex depth of Indonesian coffee (Java). Vee's Organic Wild Blue Mountain is wonderfully full-bodied with noble wealth; very delicate, subtle acidity; complex, fruity aromas with hints of nuts, mango and papaya and.

Preparation: filter coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato

Full body

Arabian Mokha-Java is a fine classic among the coffee blends with a long tradition, which harmoniously combines the fruity aromas of the genuine Yemeni Mocha beans, the country of origin of the coffee, and the nutty/earthy flavors of 'true blue Java' coffees. Arabian Mocha Java is suitable for the preparation of an excellent espresso and finely ground as Turkish mocha.
Preparation:  Filter coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, Turkish Mocha

"Old Brown Kalosi-Toraja' - full body

On the island of Celebes, which is called in Indonesian Sulawesi, between Borneo and New Guinea, one of the most famous coffee in the world is growing. Our Sulawesi Kalosi comes from Torajaland, where the best coffee is produced. The small town Kalosi in the Centre of Sulawesi is used as a collection point for the coffee production. Our "age Kalosi Toraja" is a rarity because it is stored for several years in tropical humid climate with good air circulation. When the natural fermentation, the coffee loses its acidity, and the green coffee gradually changes its color from blue-green to Brown. The mature green coffee is mild, the typical aromas are deep, complex, intense and long-lasting. Our "age Kalosi Toraja" is extremely aromatic, with a pronounced abundance, which is reminiscent of maple syrup. It contains virtually no acid and developed an exceptional deep, complex taste abundance with prominent sweet and deliciously spicy notes in the Cup, to lush forest floor (wild mushrooms, autumn leaves, Moss,...) and tropical Woods remind. Best with a dash of cream.
Preparation: Filter coffee, milk coffee, coffee with cream, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato

Arab roasting
Full body

A mixture of fine coffee from East Africa with the typical fruity flavours of the Orient. A mixture of harmonically matched complex flavours of flower scents and fruit with breadth, depth and length. A coffee that finely ground also ideally suited to the preparation of a Turkish mocha.
Preparation:  Filter coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, Turkish Mocha

ESPRESSO * Santo Domingo Royal *.
Dominican Republic - full body
The large Caribbean island of Hispaniola of the Greater Antilles archipelago consists of the States of Haiti into the Dominican Republic in the East and the West. Cuba extends northwest, Southwest Jamaica. In the center of the Dominican Republic the highest mountain region of the Caribbean rises the Cordillera Central with three peaks over 3000 m. First-class Caribbean coffee cultivated in the foothills of these mountains since the beginning of the 19th century at altitudes of 1200-1500 m. Here there is a micro-climate, which is very similar to the climatic conditions of the blue mountains of Jamaica. As the main export commodity of the Dominican Republic is still sugar cane, only the cultivation of coffee of quality is worth for farmers. Vee's ESPRESSO "Santo Domingo Royal" is a very spicy Gran Cru coffee with well developed, harmonic wealth and fine aromas of tropical fruit, dark chocolate, a hint of bitter almond and very lush, finely structured Crema.

Preparation: Filter coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato

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Vee's Kaffee & Bohnen GmbH
Vee’s coffee is a pleasure of the highest quality. This is because we only roast hand selected gourmet coffee beans from the best regions, so-called Grand-Cru-coffee from Indonesia, East Africa and Latin America. Only the under excellent climate conditions in high mountain regions growing Grand-Cru-beans are good enough for our careful, intensive and very aromatic roasting. This way, our coffees can unfold their characteristic taste. The result is that Vee’s coffee contains less acid and has fuller and longer aromas. The freshly roasted beans also smell heavenly.
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