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Hennes Finest Pfeffer-Boutique
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The classic dip from Cambodia.
Best before 30 April 2017
Net weight 100 g (9.00 € / 100 g)

BBQ dip "Cambodian Style"

America has ketchup, Mexico has salsa, Cambodia has tuk meric. The dip of fresh lime juice, ground Kampotpfeffer, sea salt and palm sugar is omnipresent in the country of the Khmer and is sometimes prepared freshly in front of the guest. The squeezing of limes over a pepper-salt-sugar mixture may sound ridiculously simple, but it is taken as seriously as if a guest's star chef served crepes or blood duck at the table. This is about the right mixing ratio. And what is the basic requirement for a good meal: the balance between sweet, sour, salty and spicy!

Tuk Meric tastes peppery, fruity and refreshing. As a dip to grilled fish, seafood and meat every kind of food, once eaten, becomes irreplaceable. In Cambodia, he is just as much loved for rice and pasta dishes, for soups or simply as a dip to bread. You can also use Tuk Meric as BBQ rub or marinade.

Dip bowls for one serving:

Mix the juice of a half lime with 3 - 5 Tuk Meric Tuk spice mixture. The lime can be replaced by 3 teaspoons of white balsamic vinegar.

Tip for refinement:

Add a teaspoon of oil and a touch of fresh garlic to the dip.

Store Information
Hennes Finest Pfeffer-Boutique
From the remote plantations of Cambodia Hennes’ Finest brings you the possibly most exclusive pepper in the world. The legendary Kampot Pepper is planted, cultivated, harvested and sorted out by hand. Not a single machine is used in the production line of the Campot Pepper and its’ cultivation is strictly organic. Its special taste is due to Cambodia’s mineral loamy soil, tropical sun and a lot of love that goes into the production of every single corn. Even in Germany where the last steps of the production take place everything is made manually. This is how we create this product of extraordinary quality. Hennes’ Finest are official supporters of Slowfood Germany.
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