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Twitter box

Brand: Zwitscherbox

Seller: Rupp Moden Fischen

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Rupp Moden
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I like it! What is it?

Anyone who comes close to the twittering box triggers a refreshing twittering of birds using a motion detector, which fades away after about 2 minutes. Perfect, for example, for the sanitary area - there we have peace and quiet. And the Twitter box reminds us: take a deep breath, relax, recharge your batteries.

Intuitive relaxation

Take a deep breath and relax. That has gilded the day for many. The Twitter box helps. Their natural sounds create a soothing soundscape, and we relax intuitively. Like a walk in the forest - we hear the refreshing sound of the birds, our eyes soften and our breath becomes deeper. It is healthy for the mind and body! Always surprising, the Twitter box brings us to different thoughts.

Simple and effective

Because it does not require a power cable, it can easily be placed anywhere or hung on the wall. Your chirping is activated by a motion detector. If there is no new impulse, the sound fades out after approx. 2 minutes. With the little wheel on the side, you can also switch off your twitter box and adjust the volume perfectly to your ambience.

Color: white and green

Sound: Birds

Dimensions: W 110 x H 145 x D 35 mm

Weight: 262 g

Material: plexiglass

Batteries: 3 AA (included)

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