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Tyvek® shirt blouse

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Tyvek® shirt blouse made of 100% recyclable functional membrane

Purist shirt blouse made of innovative Tyvek® with pre-routed shoulder seam and back yoke.

▪ Length: hip length
▪ Fit: Loosely falling
▪ Details: pre-routed shoulder seam, back yoke
▪ Material: 100% PE (Tyvek®) contains parts of animal origin (buttons: mother of pearl, certified)
▪ Color: white
▪ Machine wash: up to 90 ° C, recommended 30 ° C

Design: Our unique style combines special materials with a straightforward, puristic design - a blend of progressive and classic elements.

Sustainability: Our products are made exclusively from sustainable materials. The paints used are water-based. Due to the national shipping from our German warehouse, we can ship our products without long and energy-intensive transport routes.

Fair & Social: At all manufacturing sites, we ensure that you maintain appropriate working conditions, social standards and the highest quality. Exploitation or child labor are an absolute taboo.

Voucher Program: Our Tyvek® products are 100% recyclable and can be returned to us later, so we can deliver them to an appropriate recycling process.

Production: All our products are made in Germany or in Poland.

Resources: Species of wood found in our collections are remains of the furniture industry. Molded woods as well as leather come from leftovers. Part of the water used in the production of Tyvek® is reused. Thus, for the sake of the environment, we continue to use the remnants of the industry and thus reduce the waste.

Organic materials: All organic materials we use come from reliable channels and are always GOTS certified. In the cultivation and the production biological and social guidelines are observed. The colors used are at least according to the Ökotex100 standards.

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