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VEE'S coffee "Breakfast roast"

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Vee's Kaffee & Bohnen GmbH
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'VEE'S coffee "Breakfast roast"'

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medium body

For quite some time the desire to us was approached to develop a coffee blend that is not too strong but yet extremely aromatic, to drink several cups for breakfast. We have therefore decided for a fine mix of large Bohn-Highland coffee. And the art of roasting plays a decisive role. Coffee beans split open during roasting such as popcorn. The energy (heat) needed depends on the radius of curvature of the beans. The larger the bean, the less curvature, the gentler the roasting (lower temperature). And large beans grow mainly in Central America. The coffee varieties of hot Arabica Maragogype (elephant beans an Arabica Typica mutation (1870)), Arabica Pacamara (a cross between Arabica red Maragogype and Arabica pacas (an Arabica Borbon mutation (1949) from El Salvador (1958)) as well as sifted Arabica-Bourbon and Arabica Typica beans.) In short, in our opinion best beans for aromatic and balanced breakfast coffee, which can be both black as drunk with milk and its flavors in the milk does not go down.    
Our breakfast roast has a medium, balanced wealth (body), little acid (our coffee too cold enjoy) and noble aromas that remind of walnuts, milk chocolate and cocoa.

Preparation: Filter coffee
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