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VEE'S coffee "espresso d ' Oro Grande"

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Vee's Kaffee & Bohnen GmbH
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'VEE'S coffee "espresso d ' Oro Grande"'

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  • * EXTRA CREMA * mild espresso / coffee with intense spicy, nutty and chocolatey aromas and a perfect Crema.
  • Filling: *, roasting: *, aroma: *, character: *.
  • Taste: spicy, nutty and chocolatey Arumen
Monsooned Malabar - full body

The origins of the Monsooned Malabar dating from the 18th century, when the green coffee was transported during the monsoon months on ships from India to Europe. Since it took nearly 6 months to sail the Cape of good hope, the beans in the Estrela dig moist air from a fresh ripened green to a pale yellow-gold fare.
Today, Monsooning is a maturation process under similar climatic conditions conditions. The harvested beans are dried in the Sun and stored until the beginning of the monsoon. From June to September the beans wind and moisture are exposed and which lose their natural acidity. Mild and sweet and roasted coffee is replicates - table for the Malabar coast in southwestern of India.  Vee's espresso d ' Oro Grande has a great abundance with spicy aromas of nuts and Schokoade, as well as with a delicate, silky Crema.

Preparation: Filter coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato

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