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VEE'S coffee "Espresso Santo Domingo Royal"

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Vee's Kaffee & Bohnen GmbH
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'VEE'S coffee "Espresso Santo Domingo Royal"'

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Dominican Republic - full body

The large Caribbean island of Hispaniola of the Greater Antilles archipelago consists of the States of Haiti into the Dominican Republic in the East and the West. Cuba extends northwest, Southwest Jamaica. In the center of the Dominican Republic the highest mountain region of the Caribbean rises the Cordillera Central with three peaks over 3000 m. First-class Caribbean coffee cultivated in the foothills of these mountains since the beginning of the 19th century at altitudes of 1200-1500 m. Here there is a micro-climate, which is very similar to the climatic conditions of the blue mountains of Jamaica. As the main export commodity of the Dominican Republic is still sugar cane, only the cultivation of coffee of quality is worth for farmers. Vee's ESPRESSO "Santo Domingo Royal" is a very spicy Gran Cru coffee with well developed, harmonic wealth and fine aromas of tropical fruit, dark chocolate, a hint of bitter almond and very lush, finely structured Crema.

Preparation: Filter coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato

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