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VEE'S coffee 'Sulawesi'

Brand: Vee's Kaffee & Bohnen GmbH

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Vee's Kaffee & Bohnen GmbH
Owner - Hans-Wolfram Tismer Store rating

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"Old Brown Kalosi-Toraja' - full body

On the island of Celebes, which is called in Indonesian Sulawesi, between Borneo and New Guinea, one of the most famous coffee in the world is growing. Our Sulawesi Kalosi comes from Torajaland, where the best coffee is produced. The small town Kalosi in the Centre of Sulawesi is used as a collection point for the coffee production. Our "age Kalosi Toraja" is a rarity because it is stored for several years in tropical humid climate with good air circulation. When the natural fermentation, the coffee loses its acidity, and the green coffee gradually changes its color from blue-green to Brown. The mature green coffee is mild, the typical aromas are deep, complex, intense and long-lasting. Our "age Kalosi Toraja" is extremely aromatic, with a pronounced abundance, which is reminiscent of maple syrup. It contains virtually no acid and developed an exceptional deep, complex taste abundance with prominent sweet and deliciously spicy notes in the Cup, to lush forest floor (wild mushrooms, autumn leaves, Moss,...) and tropical Woods remind. Best with a dash of cream.

filter coffee, milk coffee, coffee with cream, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato

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Vee's Kaffee & Bohnen GmbH
Vee’s coffee is a pleasure of the highest quality. This is because we only roast hand selected gourmet coffee beans from the best regions, so-called Grand-Cru-coffee from Indonesia, East Africa and Latin America. Only the under excellent climate conditions in high mountain regions growing Grand-Cru-beans are good enough for our careful, intensive and very aromatic roasting. This way, our coffees can unfold their characteristic taste. The result is that Vee’s coffee contains less acid and has fuller and longer aromas. The freshly roasted beans also smell heavenly.
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