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NATUR PUR Naturtextilien
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NATUR PUR Naturtextilien
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VIJA design:

Vija Design products are designed and produced in Canada based on ethical considerations. Only heavy, elastic jersey made of clean cotton with spandex is used. The processing and the seams are particularly stable for carrying babies. Cotton fibers are hypoallergenic & breathable. The material is comfortable and does not slip, absorbs moisture and is easy to clean.

The philosophy:

You can start carrying your baby right after birth. The patented tops were developed by a premature mother, who is also a designer, with the help of pediatricians and breastfeeding consultants.

The meaning of SKIN-TO-SKIN for the baby:

- stabilizes and regulates baby's temperature and heartbeat
- reduces uncertainty and calms, improves sleep quality
- relieves minor ailments and colic and strengthens the immune system
has positive effects on intellectual development
improves and stimulates digestion and weight gain
accelerates healing and the return to normal breathing (especially in premature babies)

The meaning of HAUT-AN-HAUT for the mother (and father):

promotes the onset of lactation and thus the immunization of the baby
- promotes parent-child bonding
- reduces the risk of postnatal depression
- reduces anxiety and helplessness after an operation (caesarean section)
- accelerates the recovery process (through a higher release of the maternal oxytocin)
- improves milk production, stimulates milk flow

Store Information
NATUR PUR Naturtextilien
Natural products NATUR PUR Natural textiles - the name says it all
For more than 20 years we have been offering high-quality children's clothing made of natural textiles and toys in Hamburg-Ottensen. We decided to sell natural textiles because they are more environmentally friendly and offer unique wearing comfort. The fabric is particularly important for sensitive baby and child skin.

We purchase our goods from manufacturers who comply with classic ecological standards and often also rely on local production. Among others, we trust the Danish label Joha.  Joha is the largest Scandinavian producer of high-quality children's and baby clothing with a focus on wool, silk, bamboo and cotton. With the 2016 winter collection, Joha has almost completely converted its production of cotton articles to certified organic cotton. Joha wool clothing can be washed at 40° C in the washing machine.  Of course we also carry the classics like Engel, Disana, Reläx, Harter, Pickapooh, BMS Rainwear and much more.

When it comes to stuffed animals and cushions, we trust Saling Naturprodukte GmbH from the Swabian Alb. These cute cuddly toys are made of sheep's wool and are therefore particularly soft and kind to the skin.

Besides clothing and toys we also sell diaper systems, baby carriers from Amazonas and manduca, baby slings, nursing pillows, pillows and duvets.
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