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Wallet Viana

Brand: Apaixonarte

Seller: Apaixonarte Lisbon

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'Wallet Viana'

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The Viana collection costume from Apaixonarte, are bags designed with straight lines and urban spirit made from the iconic scarves of the tradicional Minho. This colection is a journey through time, is with origin in tradition and destination in the present lifestyle. Designed to use for walking around during the day or for going out at night. Hand made with the front and back with the traditional Viana de Castelo scarves and loneta tissue in the lining. It of what two handles, one for being used in hand, in tissue and one for the shoulder, a metallic chain, both removable. Depending on the occasion may be a purse, a bag or a clutch, you decide! Size: 35 x 14 x 25 cm

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Apaixonarte is a dedicated space to the best that is being done in Portugal, in art, design and urban crafts. With art exhibitions and full of pieces from local artist and small companies, trying to show alternatives and not massive products.

Looking ahead, eyes on the present and inspirations of the past! Apaixonar-te - It's the portuguese verb for falling in love. Arte means art. We just gather the terms.

APAIXONARTE - Falling in love with art.

Passion is the intense feeling that fills our entire body from top to bottom and accelerates our hearts. Once the dopamine works in the brain we are instantly invaded by uncontrollable tics of welfare and uncomplicated happiness.  

Apaixonarte (falling in love) is a Portuguese shop and gallery that wants to mess with our senses, memories, impressions and cause new sensations.

Visit us and your heart will begin to beat ....And you will Apaixonarte!
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