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washable fabric tampons Flower 8 pcs.

Brand: ImseVimse

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Naturprodukte Fritz
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The new revolutionary organic fabric tampons from ImseVimse® work the same way as ordinary disposable tampons, but are more sustainable because they can be reused after washing! Just like the ImseVimse® cloth bandages or all menstrual cups.

Depending on the size of your bleeding and your personal well-being, you can choose between 3 different sizes:

Mini - slight bleeding
Regular - moderate bleeding
Heavy - heavy bleeding

The new ImseVimse® organic fabric tampons pay for themselves after a few monthly cycles, as they only have to be bought once and can then be used again and again. Comfort and absorbency are in no way inferior to disposable tampons, with the advantage that they are made of 100% certified organic cotton (certified organic cultivation) and contain neither pesticides nor other additives.


Roll the tampon together and decide for yourself how tight or loose you want to wrap it. To make it easier to pull out the tampon later, wrap the cord around the rolled tampon and make a knot in which the thread is looped under the loop twice. Alternatively, the thread can also be easily rolled without knots, the tampon dissolves in train then from the inside out.

After use, rinse briefly and store in a wetbag until the next wash. Washable at 60-90 ° C, laundry net is an advantage!

We recommend to boil the tampons before use for safety. Please note that before use, always check the strength of the cords on the tampon for safety's sake!

Please note that even washable tampons as well as conventional disposable tampons can cause TSS (tampon disease). Change the tampon enough times to avoid this!

Material: 100% cotton (certified organic) certified Length: approx. 54 mm, thickness according to size

Additionally certified according to Öko-Tex® Standard 100 Class 1 for baby products

Quantity: 8 tampons in a box
made in Turkey
Packing: Cardboard

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