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WAYUSA NAPO - loose-leaf (150g)

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'WAYUSA NAPO - loose-leaf (150g)'

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Non-fermented crushed leaves



This non-fermented wayusa was produced by slow drying process without light. The leaves keep their green colour and maximum of nutrients.


Taste & colour

The brew from finely ground leaves (powder) is characterized by dark green colour and fresh, herbal aroma. Of course, both depend on the amount of leaves and time of preparation. Unlike its sister yerba mate, one thing you may find enjoyable is that whichever way you prepare it, wayusa never tastes bitter.



Put 4-5 full tablespoons of crushed Wayusa leaves into 1 litre of water, stir and bring to boil. For a less strong brew, leave at least 5 minutes, for a stronger one 10 minutes, to simmer over a gentle heat, then sift. When making second and third brew, add again about 1-2 tablespoons of wayusa - keeping the full taste for your enjoyment.

 Package of 100g makes 8-10 litres of wayusa brew.



Store Information
We bring you wayusa - a unique supertea from the Amazon rainforest. Its Latin name is "Holly Guayusa" and it is the Ecuadorian variety of yerba mate (ilex paraguariensis). She is an inseparable part of the culture and everyday life of local Indian communities, who have been growing this plant for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. 

Wayusa has been avoiding commercialization so far. It is grown without artificial fertilizers and on a much smaller scale than yerba mate, tea or coffee.

One of the key benefits of wayusa is its stimulating effect which differes from that of coffee or tea - it is slowly growing and longer lasting. You will not feel the shaking or restlessness, heartburn or heavy stomach, coming sometimes after drinking coffee or tea. You avoid such side effects thanks to L-theanine contained i wayusa. Moreover, wayusa does not affect the kidneys or make you dehydrated the way coffee does.

The wayusa we import comes solely from a small local production. It is purely natural product and a fair-trade article, as it is grown in a limited amount, in a traditional way taught from one generation to another. We cooperate with eco-friendly farms and visit our producers regularly. We know what we buy and whom we buy it from. We thus guarantee that the products we import are fresh and of high quality, far bypassing the requirements of BIO or ORGANIC certificates.



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