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Wool Blanket Cosima Chunky Knit medium 100x150cm, light gray

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'Wool Blanket Cosima Chunky Knit medium 100x150cm, light gray'

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A gentle hug whenever you need it. Thanks to the cuddly knit blanket made of merino wool, we do not want to leave the sofa anymore. We float on several centimeters as if packed in cotton. Like bedded on clouds. Warm cuddles with a cup of tea and a good book can also be cool evenings. The big stitches look stylish and keep you extra warm. The blanket is lovingly knitted by hand and cuts a good figure on the couch as well as a bedspread and Dekohighlight on the bed. And let's be honest, the blanket is also a real eye-catcher. Even if we do not need a warming hug, the blanket on sofa, couch and Co. is simply to fall in love. Material: The blanket is very compatible with the natural material, soft, cuddly and therefore suitable for children from 1 year and animals , except cat claws of course. The blanket is made from Merino sheep wool and every wool fiber is 26 micron. A micron is equivalent to one thousandth of a millimeter and indicates the fineness of the wool fiber. The higher the micron value, the coarser the fiber. Unlike other blankets, which are made of acrylic or acrylic wool blend, the blanket is Cosima made of pure natural material.The wool is hypoallergenic, that means perfectly compatible and warms in winter and is also usable in summer as it is breathable.Production: The blanket is due the thick wool strands not knitted with knitting needles, but with the arms and hands-more manual work is not. The blanket is made in Europe, so our blanket stands out from other blankets. Production in Europe is better for the climate and avoids long transport routes. So not only the material is natural, but also the manufacture and transport. Weight and Dimensions: Size small 80x130 cm (2.1-2.4kg) Size medium 100x150 cm (3.5-3.9kg) Size large 130x180 cm (4.3-4.7 kg) Size XL 150x200 cm (5.8-6.5 kg) Special dimensions on request Delivery time approx. 4 weeksCare: Wool as a natural material has a self-cleaning effect to a certain extent and needs only occasionally to be ventilated and shaken. Maintain the blanket the way you would care for your finest wool sweater. Bring the blanket if it gets dirty over time for professional cleaning. If a stain should be removed immediately, clean the individual parts cold under running water and allow air to dry. In no case give the blanket completely in water, please leave the care of your blanket to the professionals, so that the blanket is optimally cared for. Since the wool is processed as naturally as possible for our blankets, pilling can occur during use, which is normal and can be eliminated with a lazy barber for wool sweaters. The more friction there is on the blanket, the stronger the pilling, but do not worry, protruding fibers can be easily removed or removed with the lazy razor. In addition, the blanket is happy when it is shaken from time to time. With so much natural material, the blanket loses fibers with use, which is normal and is not significant for blankets with up to 8kg of wool. Simply pluck fibers off and continue to cuddle.

CHUNKY KNIT TREND - The light gray XL wool blanket Cosima Chunky Knit by adorist. is a cuddly soft eye-catcher on every couch. The trend blanket brings you a touch of luxury, because you will feel as if you are bedded on clouds. The coarse knit blanket is a faithful companion in winter as well as in the warmer months, gently hugging you whenever you need it.
CUDDLY AND BREATHABLE - The blanket in light gray color is made from 100% Merino Sheep wool and each wool fiber is 26 micron fine. By using this pure natural material, the thick blanket is hypoallergenic, which means it is optimally compatible. Due to the high quality of the wool, it is soft and cuddly. Due to the special processing, the knit blanket warms in winter and can also be used in summer as it is breathable.
DESIGNHIGHLIGHT - The merino sheep wool blanket is lovingly hand-knit and cuts a good figure on the couch as well as a bedspread and deco highlight on the bed. The large stitches of the Chunky blanket look stylish and keep you warm. Even if we do not need a warming hug, the blanket on the sofa, couch and Co. is just nice to fall in love with.


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