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Wool shoes with leather soles, hut shoes

Brand: süßstoff

Seller: süßstoff Steinfeld (Oldenburg)

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'Wool shoes with leather soles, hut shoes'

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Wool shoes with leather soles, hut shoes

Wool shoes

Beautiful shoes made of boiled wool (100% wool) reinforced on the toe and heel with very hard-wearing wool felt (woven wool felt Burel from Portugal).
With high cuffs for a good hold on the foot.
Overall, the shoe is nice and soft to offer enough freedom of movement.
The sole is made of chrome-free tanned leather. The feet can still feel the ground through the leather sole, which contributes to foot health.

The shoe is breathable because it was made from natural materials.
The boiled wool also regulates the temperature. No hot or cold feet, so the shoe can be worn all year round.

The shoes are made when you order, so the delivery time is a little longer.

Please measure your foot length and compare it with the table below! I make the shoes in double sizes, ie 38/39, 40/41 etc. For 38/39 please order 38, for 40/41 please order 40 etc. We are also happy to produce smaller or larger sizes like the ones listed here, please write Look at me.

Please note that the values given are approximate values. The second column shows the FOOT LENGTH!

Shoe size 18/19 20/21 22/23 24/25 26/27 28/29 30/31
Foot length 11cm 12.5cm 14cm 15.5cm 17cm 18cm 19.5cm

Shoe size 32/33 34/35 36/37 38/39 40/41 42/43 44/45
Foot length 20.5cm 22cm 23.5cm 25cm 26.5cm 28cm 29.5cm

The shoes can also be lined with a wool fleece that can be removed if necessary. The shoes are then delivered ready-fitted with the sole.
These can be ordered here:

Boiled wool is dirt and water repellent, temperature regulating, breathable and antibacterial.
If it gets dirty, you can leave the shoe out overnight or take it with you in the shower so that it becomes damp. The dirt can then be carefully rubbed off with a cloth.

85% boiled wool (wool)
4% wool felt
4% leather, tanned chrome-free
7% cuffs, 95% cotton, 5% elastane
Hand wash!

If possible, I ship in used boxes, this is in line with my conviction that I want to protect the environment!

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