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Wortschönheiten from the Grimm Dictionary

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'Wortschönheiten from the Grimm Dictionary'

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In April 1849, Jacob Grimm began writing the first articles for »The German Dictionary«, the largest and most comprehensive dictionary on the German language. He turns to the letters A, B, C. Brother Wilhelm joins the work at the D - and a lexicographical martyrdom begins. It was not until 1971 that the work was completed with volume 33, in which approx. 320,000 keywords on 34,824 pages testify to an almost incomprehensible richness of language.

The Grimm dictionary is the Wunderkammer and the word memory of the German language. The very combination of words from different areas and times, given by the alphabet, gives him an incomparable poetry.
Discover with us unknown word beauties, salacious curiosities and fairytale-exotic word creations from the forgotten magazines of this incomparable word museum.

Hrsg. Peter Count
The cultural memory publishing house, 2017

14 × 21.5 cm, 352 pages, bound
With head color section, bookmark ribbon and embossing

Article No. 2190

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Weimarer Klassiker
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