Owner - Michael Heß

Wrinkle Flat Bag

Brand: Plus Minus Design Mapbagrags & Peter Hoffmann

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Owner - Michael Heß

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'Wrinkle Flat Bag'

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  • Limited edition
  • Water- and tear-proof
  • Machine-washable (30°)
Each bag has got its own, illustrated front and bag, fitting to the topic of the exhibition. The material is a water- and tear-proof special kind of paper which is even machine-washable at 30°. The bag is super soft and light, but you can still carry around some heavy stuff. It is a little smaller than A4. You can crumple it together until it vanishes in your pocket. The bags were especially for Teresa Rothwangl’s current exhibition "Natural Human Expression" illustrated and fabricated. The topic is ‘Lemon’, hence the coloration and motifs. The bag is perfect for you, as a present or as collector piece for bag lovers. The bags are made in the beautiful city of Graz, Austria by the designer mapbagrag in cooperation with the cologne based illustrator Peter Hoffmann. They are limited to an edition of 100 pieces per motive. Material: special paper, polyester band
Size: L32cm x H38cm
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The original idea for founding of MaJourie was to create a gallery for interior and design that people would want to enter without having to overcome any kind of inhibition. The gallery in Cologne, Germany presents affordable unique pieces and collections including lighting, furniture, photography or jewelry by various designers and artists. The gallery also features a small café where everyone can relax with drinks, coffee and patisserie while discovering the newest art and design pieces. The name „MaJourie“ derives from a combination of two french terms - „Ma journée” (my day) and “Mazurie” (Mazuria) - and refers to a place to feel at ease and comfortable. Where you can let your thoughts wander and enrich your day with what you see.