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Xero Shoes Colorado man black

Brand: Xero

Seller: Wellmann zieht an Leipzig

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Owner - Ines Jülich Wellmann Store rating

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Why you will love the Colorado

  • Natural Fit - A wide toe box allows your toes to spread, splay, relax, and function naturally.
  • NATURAL MOVEMENT - The Colorado is flexible enough to let your feet flex, move, and flex the way you want your feet to . The "XERO-Drop" (non-raised heel) design allows for correct posture and is built low on the ground for balance and mobility.
  • NATURAL FEELING - The Colorado features a 5.5mm FeelTrue® rubber sole that gives you the right combination of protection and ground feedback so your brain knows how to get the most out of your body.
  • Lightweight - so light you can even forget you're wearing it. A men 9 is approximately 7 ounces (each).
  • Vegan-Friendly Materials - No animal products are used in Colorado
  • 5,000-mile sole guarantee - As with all Xero shoes, the Colorado also comes with a 24-month manufacturer's guarantee and a 5,000-mile sole guarantee.
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Wellmann zieht an
Our shop is located in the heart of the Südvorstadt in Leipzig. You can find brands like Waldviertler and Think at our store, which are one of the most sustainable footwear brands. Our aim is to sell foot-friendly and healthy shoes for all ages in a good quality. Of course, you also get everything you need for your shoe care, such as shoe polish and shoe trees, but also matching socks or tights for every season. This leaves nothing to be desired in our assortment.
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