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YES, PE CAN fire good!

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'YES, PE CAN fire good!'

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These delicious Pecan Cream's balancing on toast, on the pancake, vanilla ice or on the wafer. Real Sahli snacking directly with the spoon from the jar! There are the great spreads also with roasted cashew nut, hazelnuts, peanuts and pistachios. 
Handmade with passion, actually vegan, without any additives, and how we think: Express suchtgefährlich!

INGREDIENTS: Pecans (48%), sugar, vanilla sugar, sea salt (1.6%).
May contain traces of other nuts, peanuts undSesam.

IMPORTANT: We use no additives. The oil settles with time and preserved in natural way. (Yeah!)

The crunch makes it look rather at the bottom, so always back times stir thoroughly, so that everything in its place.

OH YES: protect from heat, light and other spoons.

Shelf LIFE: 6 months from production.
Store Information
The palvino® is your delicatessen for wine, spirits, delicatessen and tobacco products in Eppingen. We started in April 2016 with a selected product range and will adapt and expand the product range according to the wishes of our customers.

We carry the following product groups:

Wines and sparkling wines
We obtain our grape delicacies from producers all over the world - we are particularly interested in small wineries. We are still working on the dream of our own palvino edition - be curious. 

We carry fine liqueurs, herbal and fruit brandies as well as gin, whiskey, rum and vodka. A good mixture of international, well-known, regional and small distilleries is very important to us.
To match our liquid specialities we offer delicatessen items such as spices, pesto, chutney, jam, chocolate and much more. We would be happy to advise you on the perfect combination for your moment of pleasure.
With our cigars, cigarillos from South America (DOM, NIC, HND, CUB) and pipe tobaccos from Northern Europe (GB, IRL, DNK) you can disappear steaming from everyday life. 

Get to know us and our gourmet products at regular tastings. We offer tastings of various products: Wine, sparkling wine, whisky, gin, rum, coffee, vinegar/oil, honey, pesto/relish, jam, chocolate and and and and...
coffee shop 
After your purchase of our gourmet products, you can sit back and escape the stress of everyday life with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Of course, you can also enjoy a coffee without shopping, but only both together make your day really perfect. 

We look forward to seeing you!
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