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Yoga belt

Brand: Lotus Design

Seller: Nipala Hamburg

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Yoga belt lotus

With the yoga belt you can optimize many yoga positions and improve posture, even and especially if you are not yet practiced in yoga. But always make sure that you have your yoga teacher show you how to use this excellent tool in advance. This will prevent injuries.

With the belt you can extend the arms in various exercises when bending forward or when bending back. The exercise is supported, you can stay longer in the asana and your muscles are gently stretched and prepared for the next sequence. Over time, you will notice the progress, the belt is adjusted shorter and shorter until you no longer need it.

  • Size: length 2.50m x width of the belt 3.8 cm
  • Material: 100% pure cotton
  • Metal ring clasp
  • Washable at 30 ° C
  • Easy to store

The belt is made of 100% cotton and feels natural thanks to its naturalness.

The cotton absorbs the sweat of the hands and releases it into the air in the room; This largely prevents the yoga belt from slipping.

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