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Zanzibar Gin Hamburg

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JIMMY Hamburg
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Inspired by an island in the Pacific, created and realized in Hamburg. The gin is different, turmeric and red pepper as the leading elements harmonize perfectly with juniper. For some, this gin may be flying around at the first sniff, but if you are brave enough to try it, you will be amazed by the deep and complex aromas.

In addition to the three main protagonists, cinnamon blossoms, cardamom, coriander and almonds have been distilled since the summer of 2018 in a small country distillery in the north. Its golden yellow color gets the Tumeric No1 by the final bath with freshly peeled turmeric.

Not more than 200 bottles per batch are distilled to keep quality at the highest level.

Due to its unique and very self-confident taste, the Gin is ideal for the reinterpretation of various cocktails, but also the classic Gin and Tonic gets by the Tumeric No1 a new face, refreshingly profound and inspiring.

The makers are Yuka and Hauke, the yoga teacher and the biologist. The project, Hamburg-Zanzibar, an idea born of a journey.

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